2007 ACE e-learning benchmarking surveys

The Australian Flexible Learning Framework (the Framework) has established a set of 12 e-learning indicators that can be used to assess the uptake, use and impact of e-learning in Australia’s vocational education and training system (VET). These indicators can be adapted and used by individual education and training providers to establish their own organisational goals and benchmarks for e-learning.e-learning_indicators_logo_top.gif

The 2007 AccessACE / Learnscope projects have adapted these indicators to help us develop a picture of how organisations, teachers and individual learners in ACE in Victoria feel about the integration of ICTs into their course delivery.

Below are the links to the surveys that we would like all 2007 AccessACE and LearnScope projects to complete.

Can you please ensure that all participating teachers and learners complete the surveys by 31st October 2007.

1. Learners

This survey tools has been specifically customised to reach learners in ACE. We have tried to eliminate or minimise the jargon to make it as accessible as possible for your learners. We are keen to know how they feel about the increased use ICTs in their courses.
Please encourage as many learners as possible to complete the survey.
a) Survey url:


b) Paper copy:

2. Teachers and trainers

This survey is to designed to guage teachers' levels of uptake and satisfaction with e-learning and the extent to which it is currently integrated into their delivery. We will be able to provide projects with graphs and quantiative data around national e-leanring indicators. A great planning tool.

a) Survey url:

b) Paper copy:

2. Project managers/ coordinators (optional for LearnScope projects)

This survey will help ACE organisations determine trends in the uptake and impact of e-learning on skills development, employment outcomes and the use of e-business services for target learner groups. We will be able to provide projects with graphs and quantiative data around national e-leanring indicators. A great planning tool.

Please note: This survey is optional, as all project managers/ co-ordinators will have to complete the end of year demographic data survey for LearnScope.

a) Survey url:

b) Paper copy:

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