Welcome to the AccessACE wiki!

What is AccessACE?

AccessACE is a research project, an initiative funded by the ACFE Board. This research project will investigate the role of Information Communications Technology (ICT) enabled delivery as part of a blended delivery strategy that can increase participation by learners in ACE education and training. Blended delivery combines the best features of classroom-based teaching and learning with the best features of ICT enabled learning in order to enhance the educational experience of learners and also provide students with greater flexibility to access a wider range of learning opportunities. The aim of the project is to stimulate the uptake of blended delivery models which would offer ACE providers the capacity to deliver a greater variety of programs to individuals and small groups in a supportive and highly flexible manner. It will build on current and previous initiatives and support managers and teachers in making informed decisions about tools and technologies available to them in the delivery of their courses. The objectives of the project are to:
  • To support sustainable models of blended delivery that support flexibility and accessibility for ACFE Board priority learner groups in ACE across Victoria.
  • To research, describe and trial at least three ICT enabled blended delivery models.
  • To develop an action plan and lessons learned document to assist ACE providers in planning blended delivery strategies.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is an editable webpage. It is an online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively.

How will AccessACE use the wiki?

The wiki will enable everyone interested in e-learning / blended learning in ACE to contibute to the wiki under a range of topics.

How can you involved?

Our aim is to gather as much information as possible around what is currently happening in the regions and at your organisations. We want to know who you are, which learner groups are ionvolved, how you are using technology and what your triumphs and challenges have been. We have also set up a resources page where you can add any websites and links.

How do you contribute to the wiki?

You will see the headings in the left hand side pane of the site. Click on the page you want to contribute to.
Click on the EDIT this Page button.
Start typing in the section of the page you want to contrubute to, and click SAVE when finished.

Your turn to contribute!

In the section called E-learning around the regions - follow the above instructions, scroll down to the section heading that has the name of your region on it and add to the discussion already there.
If you have any questions contact Josie on 03 97869466 or rose.josie.m at