AccessACE information sheets.

AccessACe has published a range of information sheets to help promote the project, its tools and technologies. You can downlod the PDF files by right clicking on the icon.

Information sheet 01: What is AccessACE?

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This publication gives an overview of the project and outlines how community organisations can get involved in the project through interaction with two online communications tools - the blog and the wiki.

Information sheet 02: AccessACE social software tools

This publciation gives you an overview of the websites and online tools ussed by the project to gather and disseminate information and comments on the progress of the project.

Information sheet 03: AccessACE Research Framework

As part of the initial research phase of this project, the Project Working Group named ten strands / perspectives as key to successful organisational planning and development. Each strand displays a spectrum of possibilities relating to an ACE organisation’s educational scope and vision. To find out more about the strands and the general Framework, please have a look at the docment below. Each spectrum is not intended to be a value judgment – with‘desirable’ at one end and ‘undesirable’ at the other – but rather a way of capturing the diversity of factors that make up the culture of ACE organisations.