Welcome to e-learning around the regions

Your opportunity to showcase e-learning in your region and Adult Eeducation Institute!

We are interested to know what is happening in your region, more specifically who is doing what with ICTs in teaching and learning. How are you using Information and Communication Technologies to increase access, extend your reach or support the nominated priority learners groups in ACE.

Here are some questions to get you started:
  • Do you have a regionally based Learner Management System? TafeVC , Moodle
  • Are you involved in a flexible learning network?
  • How many LearnScope projects have there been in your region over the years...
  • Has your region funded and specific e-learning projects in the past few years, what are they? What was your role.
  • Have any organisations been involved in projects funded by the Australian Flexible learning Framework such as New Practices, Community Engagement etc
  • We would love to hear about your success stories and the challenges you face .
The more specific you can be the better.. it builds the complete picture.

Click on the link below to acess the page for your region or Adult Education Institute.


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