Eastern Metropolitan Region

Despite quite a deal of interest in the use of technologies in adult learning within the Eastern Metro Region the uptake was slow until the recent emergence of organisations and individuals keen to take a leadership role. The partnering between Morrison House and Coonara Community House in 2005 for a New Practices Project to explore the use of podcasting in VET. Whilst podcasting, at that time, was found to be time consuming and difficult to incorporate into established delivery modes this project did lead to the identification of a couple of key individuals within the local ACE sector who had the necessary passion and drive to set new learning technologies firmly on the agenda.

In 2006, the Marysville EMR Conference "Conversations in ACE" was a partly digital experience, with audio-visual records going online. Delia's opening to the conference is a prime example of how audio-visual and powerpoint files can be embedded within this kind of wiki / webspace.

Coonara Neighbourhood House

Coonara won the regional provider of the year in 2006, partly because of their innovative use of technologies in research and learning.

Check out the fabulous work Coonara is doing in partnership with a range of providers in the region, at the Eastern ACE wiki at:

A TAFE Frontiers flexible learning week grant in 2004 started Coonara on the pathway to e-learning and blended delivery. In 2005 five sessional tutors particiapted in the New Learning Technologies project with Morrison House to investigate podcasting. In that year these same tutors also participated in a joint Morrison House / Coonara Learnscope project to explore a range of e-learning tools. Whilst the majority weren't immediately hooked on podcasting they were definitely sold on digital storytelling, online quizes and several other tools and very keen to learn more. In 2006 Coonara and Morrison joined forces once again in a Learnscope project to use digital story telling and wikis to develop tools and products for delivery and assessment of adult learning. A key objective of this Learnscope project was to identify and support the development of one member of staff as an "e-learning champion" for each organisation. This was a very exciting project that actually changed the career path of at least of the tutors involved.
In 2006 Coonara House was also the lead agency for a Community Learning Partnership involving Eastern Regional Libraries, North Ringwood Community House, Healesville Living and Learning Centre and Telstra. This was an action learning project that investigated the technological literacy needs of the community and the ways in which our organisations might respond to that need. For the three ACE organisations involved in this project it became clear that Information and Communication Technology needed to be a key focus for our organisations to remain relevant in a rapidly changing community. Our strategic plans have been reviewed to make this the key focus of our organisations and the partnership, without Telstra, continues to explore ICT.
In 2007 the word has spread and Coonara is this year lead agency in a Learnscope project for 6 ACE providers in the Eastern Metro Region. The Basin Community House, Donvale Living and Learning Centre, North Ringwood Community House, Healesville Living and Learning Centre, Mountain District Adult Learning Centre, Upper Yarra Community House have joined Coonara to develop Wiki spaces as tools for delivery and assessment in adult learning. Check out our great work so far on http://easternace.wikispaces.com

Morrison House

Morrison House is also looking at Digital Storytelling this year, particularly in relation to assessment. To find out more, visit the LearnScope wiki at: http://aceviclearnscope.wikispaces.com/Morrison+House
...for information about past Learnscope and New Learning Practices projects see above in the Coonara information...