Grampians Region

Pam Hicks from Trentham Neighbourhood Centre
We are a small centre - our computer lab of 6 workstations is in a converted woodshed in the backyard, so our highest priority in terms of ICT and the Centre is to improve our facilities and infrastructure - which we're working on. We use email and internet with our students, and I can see the potential of AccessAce for elearning; however find it difficult to make time to really work my way through it so I can apply it effectively in my centre. Still, it's on the list and moving up in priority.

Tony Redmond from Creswick Learning Centre

I have attended a LearnScope project through ACFE, then known Central Highlands, last year, in at Ballarat and this year I have put a submission in for Designing E-Learning. The challenges for elearning is the lack of awareness, apathy and the ability not being able to see the whole potential of a resource which is being further developed, which is the internet.
I have found My Connected Community very good for introducing people to online communities.


Rachel Fry from BRACE in Ballarat. As a result of a learnscope project last year and continuing this year, we have established a portal which allows students to work on line within their class. Currently we have portals for our TAA, Small Business Management and Frontline Management programs. As part of this we have access to 'Elluminate' which is an online classroom environment. The portal allows for discussions, posting of articles, links to sites etc. We are continuing to develop this and now have our second fully on line Small Business Management course operating. One challenge is changingthe mindset of trainers to incorporate this into courses, we are holding a number of training sessions with our sessional staff.

Bacchus Marsh Adult Education Centre
We have been using technology to provide and incorporate more flexible opportunities for students during the past 6 - 7 years. We currently incorporate technology into all accredited programs in a variety of ways depending on the course. Teachers and students may communicate via email, we have a computer -base maths program which assists young people to work at thier own pace at thier own time and the internet is used extensively within all programs to research and access resources . Our VCAL students are more accepting of the new technologies and will be introducing wikis next term. The major barrier as always is time to develop and access new opportunities and the funding and equipment to make it available to students.