Loddon Mallee Region

We had an ITC strategy way back in 1998 and used technology extensively across the region. Some "ALBE" groups held their classes/discussion groups via teleconference. Regional Council conducted most of their working parties via teleconference. Some providers in the Mallee and Goldfields developed partnerships with other providers in particular for CGEA classes. I believe that Maryborough at one stage had on-line contact with another CGEA class in Western Australia. MC2 has been used well as a communication tool, to create websites and on-line communities of interest. We have participated in the development of Toolboxes, in particular for Language and Literacy programs. A couple of providers have used/are using digital storytelling in their classroom.
Some providers have been very successful with Flexible Learning submissions. I hope they will tell us about it here.
After a bit of a standstill, are we ready to bring forth some champions??
If you are truely interested in future technology then watch tis space hang on and enjoy the ride into the future!!
we are on the edge of some of the greatest developments seen in the adult education sector for a very long time.
there are some rpograms out there and about to be out there that will revolutionise the way we deliver training in the sector.