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AccessACE and LearnScope invites you to join our community of communities - local, regional and in this case, virtual.

Please add a picture of your self or your community centre to our map. Check in often to see the community grow!

Many of us wil be familiar with the work of Jim Cavaye, specifically his work with communities andcommunity building. In a recent paper he outlines how people are increasingly going global to go local. They use the internet to access and gain information about their local community. Research overseas puts the number of people who are going online to get information about their lcoal community at about a third of internet users . A third also felt that it helped them build ties with their locality.

AccessACE aims to give you opportunities to connect with others to build a community of organisations and individuals interested in e-leanring in all its various forms acrosss ACE in Victoria.

Also a very warm welcome to the 11 ACE LearnScope teams who will be integrating various aspects of e-learning into their delivery over the next few months.