Our best hopes and worst fears for the introduction of ICTs in teaching and learning in ACE.

On the 27th of April the AccessACe focus group discussed a range of issues and challenges that faces the sector in relation to the continued introduction and embedding of ICTs in the sector. This discussion was in relation to examining the research question :

What could the clever use of ICTs in ACE mean and look like?

We welcome contributions from across the regions about what your best hopes and worst fears are...please add them here.

Michael Chalk from PRACE has put this together for us to start us thinking, discussing...thanks Michael.
You are welcome to elablorate, agree / disagree with Michael's statements. Or, please add your own...

What are your best hopes for adding technology to teaching and learning?

  • technology adds positive value to learning environments, connecting people to information and to other people;
  • we find ways to provide access to many who would not otherwise have it;
  • technology becomes easier to use;
  • we have (coin-operated) internet in the foyer;
  • students learn to publish their multi-modal compositions, and gain worldwide networks of colleagues;
  • teachers find easy ways to incorporate technology into normal classrooms, without having to "go to the lab";
  • teachers continue to find meaningful and relevant ways to teach digital literacies, giving learners the opportunity to broaden their horizons;
  • I build a linux-based web server which provides intranet access to our teachers and learners, as well as hosting some CD-based learning resources;
  • an intranet provides new ways for teachers and learners to collaborate, share resources and news, connect with each other and the wider world, publish their thoughts, organise their learning frameworks, using text and audio-visual resources;
  • community groups can access the intranet for networking and wide-ranging discussions including learning circles online;
  • our teaching and learning community intranet is linked from the local library computers, via desktop and CD; we run blended e-learning sessions through local libraries;
  • digital storytelling projects across Reservoir provide local residents with a way to share their stories and connect with each other, bringing laughter and tears into public places;
  • ACE providers make easy and graceful steps into wireless networking, mobile laptop labs, using pda and mobile phones for learning;
  • our office and admin team makes an easy and graceful transition to a new in-house outlook-based email system, barely even noticing the change;

What are your worst fears for adding technology to teaching and learning?

  • students start their own publishing but are quickly swamped by spam and vicious cyber-bullying;
  • People have incredibly bad experiences of eg 'learning management platforms', and refuse to use anything like it ever again;
  • Nobody wants to use technology in class because it's too difficult;
  • We end up with multiple competing systems, eg moodle, outlook, wordpress, mediawiki, and lack the technical expertise to string them all together;
  • We switch our email over to outlook exchange, thinking it will be as free as our externally hosted arrangement, and the tech. guy forgets to put spam and virus protection in place beforehand, then gives us massive quotes when we discover there is no volume licensing for these products;
  • during the switch, the tech guy takes over our DNS hosting, meaning that I have to go through him to manage parts of the website, instead of managing it myself;
  • we switch our network from a workgroup to a domain, and I'm told there is no way to gain administrator rights over my own computer;
  • I can't get the message across;

crazy dreams

  • small community providers can find a way to access world markets, and boost their income streams through publishing;
  • ace providers join forces to create a broadcasting network, with TV and radio online, where adult learners may discover the joys of using technology to connect with people around the world;
  • ace providers join forces to negotiate a super broadband deal across the nation;
  • a data projector in every room, and laptops for every student becomes the norm for ACE providers across the state;