ACE flexible teaching and learning case studies 2002 - 2004 (TAFE frontiers)

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1. Flexible approaches to workplace learning in rural communities. 2002.
This case study documents the development of a trial of a new flexible approach to workplace learning for rural communities.
Continuing Education Centre (Albury Wodonga) Ltd.

2. On track. 2002/ 2003. An ACE provider in Camperdown reports on the flexible learning model, on track. The model offers early school leavers (and those in school but deemed at risk) the opportunity to learn in an adult, enterprise-based, off-campus learning environment. The ourcoems of this program are further o enhanced and enriched and become the ‘Tally Ho’ program. These programs are for the 15 – 19 year old age group and relate to local VCAL delivery. Please refer to Corangamite District Adult Education Group Incorporated website.

3. Central Western Metropolitan ACFE. 2003. This ACFE region has set up a face-to-face and mentoring support structure for trainers to under the free ICDL (International Computer Drivers Licence) modules available through the TAFE VC. It is an excellent model that has ensure a high completion rate of the modules.

4. Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre. 2003. This case study documents the change to flexible delivery of many of the ACE partners who have been involved with the Southern Westport Flexible Learning Network since 1998. The findings are presented in a creative, innovative digital story.

5. GATE. 2003.GATE in Geelong is an ACE provider that is going to hire a train carriage from Melbourne to Warrnambool and conduct learning activities on laptops during the trip. This is an interesting case study using a very unusual and creative marketing activity to reach potential new learners.

6. Moreland Adult Education. 2003.This case study documents the mode of delivering the Certificate IV and Diploma of Further Education to meet the diverse needs of past and future students. A web site presents the case studies of past students, highlighting pathways to further education. Please see website for details.

7. PRACE. 2003.PRACE is an ACE provider in Preston/Reservoir that has a long history using online and paper based literacy and language resources. Their innovative PageTurners Online now incorporate sound as extra support for their learners.

8. SNAC. 2003. The Skillsnet Association Cooperative (SNAC) case study documents the delivery support of 150 learners across Victoria by four very different ACE providers, each of which have differing levels of expertise and experience in online delivery. The program incorporates face-to-face and online learning.

9. AMES. 2004. Documents how AMES has responded to researching and implementing flexible learning options for NESB accessing child care and aged care VET courses.

10. Coonara Community House. 2004. A case study of online journaling and its use in other adult learning environments with the intention of piloting a program whereby our Diploma students will be trained and supported to develop skills to submit their journal work online.

11. Corangamite District Adult Education Group Inc. 2004. Addresses the achievement of solutions which focus on teaching and learning practice, innovative solutions for learning for young people and older persons representing the changing approach to learning within a globalised learning communities context and our changing organisation imperatives for flexible learning solutions. Focuses on Toolboxes relevant for these learner cohorts. Please refer to their website for further information.

12. Flemington Reading and Writing Program. 2004. Develops and documents a pathway program for students who have learned the basics of computer usage e.g. word processing and basic Internet skills, and generally want to do more without necessarily enrolling in the certificate course available in TAFE and larger providers. Students are able to build on existing computer skills by enrolling in various courses for which there is flexible entry and self paced learning.

13. Loddon Campaspe Mallee ACFE Region. 2004. A digital story narrating the use of MC2 within a variety of community settings in the Loddon Mallee Campaspe ACFE Region of Victoria. MC2 is an initiative of the Victorian Government's policy that allows community groups in Victoria to create their own online communities. The digital story has been developed by the Southern Westernport Learning Communities using voices and images from Loddon Mallee Campaspe. You can view the digital story form the CD that accompanies the final TAFE frontiers publication entitled frontiers.

14. PRACE. 2004. Profiles learning needs of learners newly arrived in Australia, and collects and identifies resources and strategies most effective for this group.